Mom’s reflection on what RDI has meant for her son

“Our son, who used to walk out the door or into the street, now waits with us and never leaves the house without a parent. Our son, who used to be unable to communicate how he felt, can now convey when he feels sick or unhappy. These changes are not just developmentally appropriate; they are directly related to the activities and objectives we have worked on with him through RDI.”   Parent

“Thank you for supporting and helping me throughout my life. I am very happy you helped me! If it wasn’t for you I would be so much different in many bad ways. I’ve come an incredibly long way from autism and you especially drove my autism out of my system. It was an honor having you on my side!”  An RDI graduate- 5th grade
“As our son put it, “You saved our lives”! What an amazing, long, sometime sad and joyous journey it has been. If you had not come into our lives, I know E would not be where he is today. I am sure we would still be shuffling from one therapy to another! How can we even begin to thank you for all you have done for us? I have always looked at you with such admiration in what you do. You pour your heart and soul into these kids and E is one of your success stories. You said in the very beginning- “he will get there, he will have friends”. Here we are. He is a compassionate, loving and thoughtful human being. Thank you for guiding us to RDI. We will be forever grateful!”  Parent

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