What to expect when beginning your RDI program

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When you start RDI

All new families begin with this stage which focuses on learning the key RDI concepts, applying them, and making important modifications that will support successful implementation of your RDI home program. This phase of treatment (which is usually 2-4 months duration) is customized to your level of understanding and your family’s individual needs. You will be given meaningful assignments that will allow you to see progress in yourselves as parents and practice modifications in areas such as communication with your child. An important part of the Parent Preparation stage is that we will be able to evaluate all the obstacles that might be impacting the child’s development as well as identify strengths in the environment that will help build your child’s skills. In addition, you can expect to become comfortable with using online technology, the RDI Learning Education System, our primary method of tracking and communicating regarding your family’s progress. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWk8hTEe8vE   For more details go to the Family consultation page.

Along with working on objectives,  we also look at obstacles to the guiding relationship and any behaviors that need to be addressed and managing those behaviors for optimal success.

Once you have completed the FCP, you move to strengthening your work within Dynamic intelligence for your child.   For an overview of this stage visit here

This stage focuses on greater independence and addressing any remaining obstacles along with supporting the ability for deepening friendships.

Please feel free to contact me at rdi4autism@gmail.com for a detailed breakdown of what to expect within your own unique program. Below is a sample of some of what we will review.

Family Consultation program

 A snapshot through progress

Beginning-4 MONTHS

  • Recognize how you as parents, are the primary influence agents for your child’s mental, self and neural development.
  • Restore your belief in your potential to function as a competent guide for your child’s development.
  • Learn how you will have a powerful influence on your child’s mental, self and neural development through the hundreds of Guiding Engagements you will be able to have with your child.
  • Make sure you have behavior management foundations in place. We want you to be able to manage your child’s behavior without feeling frustrated or getting into continual control struggles.
  • Make sure that you know how to set and enforce reasonable limits with your child
  • Make sure you have developed effective methods to teach your child to learn from consequences.
  • Restore your hope for the future. Restore your confidence in your child’s potential for ongoing growth.
    • Construct preliminary Mission Previews representing your  hopes for your child’s future life. Construct scenarios that represent progress towards attaining a quality of life, for one year,  several years and possibly a number of years in the future.
  • Learn  why the Guiding Relationship does not develop in ASD.
  • Learn how infants who go on to be diagnosed with ASD (ASD Infants),  disengage from their relationships with parents and family members, thus losing any opportunities to benefit from a Guiding Relationship.
  •  Learn about the Guiding Relationship & its central role in the development of Dynamic Intelligence
  • Learn how the Guiding Relationship becomes the major route by which children develop the ability to make decisions, solve problems and develop understanding of themselves and others in real-world Dynamic Environments.
  • Learn about the importance of Dynamic Intelligence. Learn how Dynamic Intelligence provides the means to attain challenging goals, make difficult decisions,  solve perplexing problems, conduct ongoing relationships and negotiate the continually changing stream of life.
  • Learn about the critical components of Dynamic Intelligence including the Dynamic Self, Mental Resources, Mental Tools and Supporting Mindsets and Habits.
  • Learn how Dynamic Intelligence develops due to children’s participation in a Guiding Relationship.
  • Learn to distinguish ‘dynamic’ abilities needed to attain a quality of life, from ‘static’ abilities taught in most  intervention programs.
  • Make sure you can reliably distinguish between the most prevalent autism “myths” and facts.
  • Learn about the mission and goals of the RDI Program.
  • Learn about the major goals of the RDI Program.
  • Learn how the inability of children with ASD to obtain the benefits of a Guiding Relationship served as the impetus for developing the RDI Program.
  • Learn why and how the RDI Program seeks to teach parents to function as Mindful Guides.
  • Work with your consultant to identify current problems, obstacles & missing developmental foundations, understand their nature and develop plans to address them.
  • Work with your consultant to evaluate primary student settings, to determine any modifications that may be needed so that they  do not inadvertently obstruct progress.

 3 MONTHS AND BEYOND  Working on Objectives

  • Obtaining needed support, allocate time & energy and reduce potential obstacles.
  • Construct a mindful, experience-sharing communication environment
  • Learning to take subtle influencing actions that increase your child’s agency.
  • Strengthening the ability to adopt a Growth-Promoting Mindset
  • Strengthening the ability to manage your emotional state when engaging with your child
  • Developing a habit of routinely recording your guiding experiences
  • Learning how to optimize all interactions with your child through the techniques of Framing, Scaffolding and Spotlighting
  • Learning how to facilitate and manage continued growth as we see progress to help your child see challenge as exciting and not something to withdraw from
  • Continuing to work on Dynamic intelligence and mindfulness within your child’s objectives