Dynamic Intelligence Roadmap

After the Family Consultation Program has been reviewed, It’s time to celebrate that the guiding relationship is firmly established, and the individual is ready to move onto higher level RDI/Mindguiding.

Co regulation and the “we” has been the focus for much of the FCP, as there is much to learn in shared experiences.

As we move out of the “WE” focus ( Interdependence), we move into more of the Self Reflective work needed for successful and meaningful Independence.

What is Dynamic Intelligence and why is this so important?

Below is a framework for beginning the process of taking the “road” through “self” foundations in the dynamic intelligence curriculum.

As you can see in the beginning we are still making sure the child/individual is remembering their affirming experiences and can recognize and pull from those experiences. This is also when we want to continue the habit within the entire family to review moments on video/pictures/journaling throughout the day. Once we get to self bookmark, the child/individual begins to take even greater ownership of their thinking process. This is building on self discovery through their own experience managing. We foster in this work helping the individual to know their own mind which allows them to be successful even in challenge. To answer questions like “what do I need to know for the future to grow and manage various situations.”

We are continuing to build a narrative based on personal experience. We are fostering success and challenge and learning more about how mental challenges continue to give more opportunities for competence. Our focus here is building the THINKING mind! For example- “when I face something challenging the first thing I can do is take a step back, and remember what I have learned up to this point”.

This is why these are not steps, but foundations to be reviewed, used, and revisited throughout this growth process.

Why is continuing this work within RDI so crucial for individuals? Think about in your own life when you are anxious. Or feeling less than confident in a situation. You can use self talk and your prior experiences to assist your thinking. We all do this pretty fluently but at different degrees. In Autism, this episodic memory is a core obstacle. So right from the start RDI is working on this memory ( read more here) and the advanced Dynamic Intelligence curriculum is an ongoing support to not only help with continuing to build the mind, but can alleviate any remaining behaviors as experiential learning continues to blossom.

Please contact me with any questions or would like to learn more about the Dynamic Intelligence Curriculum.

Additional information on Dynamic Intelligence Dependent on challenge and Growth