Would my family benefit from RDI foundations?

Please feel free to take a look at the below questions in each category.  These categories are central to the RDI program.  Although not an exhaustive list by any means, these few questions for each core will get you *thinking* about your own child and family dynamics and if any of these questions trigger an AHA moment.

You can also take the RDI Q and/or the Core Deficits Questionnaire for more details. If after taking them you are interested in discussing the results we are here for your free consultation.

Competence development ( Safe uncertainty)

Does your child like most things to be the same?

Do you feel like you have to keep most things the same to prevent a meltdown?

Does your child avoid new places, activities, or people?

Does your child act inappropriately in new situations?

Is your child aware of dangerous situations/wander off in public places?

Joint attentional learning

Do you feel like you have to work too hard to get or keep your child’s attention?

Does your child watch what you do and use it in their interactions later?

Can your child have a back and forth conversation?

Can your child have conversations about Non preferred topics?

Does your child ever ask or look to you for permission?

Self regulation

Does your child under or over react to a specific situation?

Is it easy to set limits for your child?

Does your child ever attempt to use your hands as an extension to do something for them?

Does your child understand the consequence of their behavior?

Does your child act appropriately when someone is sad, hurt, angry, happy?

Co Regulation

Do you notice your child trying to control other peoples actions?

Does your child involve you in an active role in their play or activities?

Does your child stay on topic during an activity?

Is your child controlling in conversations and in play?

Does your child accept a role in an activity?

Emotional Competence

Does your child pay attention to facial expressions,  pointing, body language?

Does  your child adjust his emotions based on the emotions around them?

Does your child over or under react in emotional situations?

IS your child on the same page with those around them?

Does your child check in to see if they are being understood? Gaze shift object to face)

Written by Amy Cameron, Kathy Darrow and Terri Sikkema