Terri Sikkema

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I knew I needed to become a Certified Consultant. In my RDI training I learned how to teach parents to guide their child and address challenging issues, such as building motivation and strengthening social and communication skills. I really love this part of my work, where I help parents regain their connection with their child. Being a certified Relationship Development Consultant for the past 11 years has been the most rewarding part of my care I am highly committed to continuing education in my work with families and children.

I became a Certified Early Start Denver Model Therapist in 2012 to further my understanding of how autism impacts the development of young children. I found the developmental assessment helpful in providing concrete, developmentally appropriate objectives for others who may work with your child. Schools can use these goals to focus on the missing developmental milestones, thereby keeping goals consistent across home and school.

While reading the book, “The Fabric of Autism”, I began to understand the sensory processing challenges many of my clients were experiencing. The HANDLE Program addresses deeper neurological challenges that affect many individuals on the autism spectrum. In order to learn more, I became a Certified HANDLE Screener in 2009. In the words of one of my clients on how the program helped her, she said, “I just feel happier!”

  Masgotova-Neuro-sensorimotor-Reflex Integration, MNRI, is a method I am currently recommending for clients to address sensory issues impeding the developmental process. Parents are taught how to provide input to the body to help integrate reflexes that for various reasons have not fully integrated.   I have recently become certified in the Safe and Sound Protocol, a five day intervention designed to reduce stress and auditory sensitivity, while enhancingsocial engagement and resilience. The intervention uses prosodic vocal music that has been filtered to train the middle ear muscles to focus on the frequency of human speech. once human speech is properly perceived, the portal to social engagement has been opened. A sense of safety that is achieved by better understanding the flucuations in human voice calms the childs physiological state, thus enhancing other theraputic interventions and improving behavioral regulation. I take a holistic approach to treatment, remembering to consider the impact of biological and nutritional issues on the child.

This is a complex neurological disorder that requires an integration of various approaches to remediate the core deficits of autism, thereby giving hope for a quality of life for the individual affected as well as their families. A multi-theraputic approach provides for the best outcomes.